Make Way for Kathryn McCormick!
Kathryn Renée McCormick is a contemporary dancer from Augusta, Georgia. She competed in So You Think You Can Dance. She placed third in the entire season and the female dancer who received many votes in the finale. She became an All-Star on Season 7, 8, 9 and 10 of SYTYCD. She is also the female lead of the movies, Step Up Revolution and the upcoming, Dance-Off.

"I'm not just a dancer. I'm a person with a story and that comes first."


Welcome to Make Way for Kathryn McCormick, a tumblr blog dedicated to the remarkably talented dancer and actress, Kathryn McCormick.
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Backstage Shenanigans with Kathryn and Legacy


Happy 24th Birthday Kathryn Mccormick! She’s such an inspiration to me and to many other people out there and one of the most beautiful, talented, humble and passionate people I know and a MAGNIFICENT dancer. Here’s a little video I made hope you guys like it :D

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Happy Birthday to this inspiring, wonderful young woman. Kathryn Mccormick <

Happy 24th Birthday, Kathryn Renée McCormick! || (July 7, 1990)

"I feel like I’m becoming the woman I dreamed of becoming, only because dance has introduced me to amazing people." 

Kathryn McCormick | The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 premiere (12/11/12)

At Cinema Adriano and UCI Marconi (27/09/12) x x 
Step Up Revolution promotional tour in Italy

Kathryn McCormick & Chehon Wespi-Tschopp Eli, Eli [x]

"In history there have been so many tragic events, so many devastating losses. The piece is about, what do people do? How do they get through it with courage and hope?  Whatever is left in their life is in one suitcase and they’re trying to move forward." - Tyce Diorio

I am so excited to be a part of such a fun loving environment with so much extreme talent and creativity. Sugar and Bruno creates a great space to work in, where there is no pressure to be any more or less than what you are. 

Kathryn is an amazing dancer and an even more amazing person. Her personality and style are a great fit for what we have going on at Sugar and Bruno. 

Steve Powers, V.P. Sugar and Bruno

Kathryn McCormick, Shane Harper, and Alex Di Marco on the set of Dance-Off (2014).