Make Way for Kathryn McCormick!
Kathryn Renée McCormick is a contemporary dancer from Augusta, Georgia. She competed in So You Think You Can Dance. She placed third in the entire season and the female dancer who received many votes in the finale. She became an All-Star on Season 7, 8, 9 and 10 of SYTYCD. She is also the female lead of the movies, Step Up Revolution and the upcoming, Dance-Off.

"I'm not just a dancer. I'm a person with a story and that comes first."


Welcome to Make Way for Kathryn McCormick, a tumblr blog dedicated to the remarkably talented dancer and actress, Kathryn McCormick.
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#tWitchTuesday makeup #1! It’s @official_tWitch @kathrynrmcc @ryanaguzman in an interview about Step Up Revolution from Celebuzz =) Check out what they had to say about getting to know each other and the movie!

Kathryn Mccormick (x)

"Dedicated wholly to her craft, Kathryn McCormick is a dancer who passionately seeks and desires to perform with purpose and meaning. She throws herself into choreography with reckless abandonment, becoming humbly submitted as a vessel for artistic expression, so that each performance may allow every movement to offer significance and translate emotion."


You dream of what this will feel like…then it happens!:) #floating #THELETTER #07/12/14 #Peru Ready to take on the world with you @mrjacobpatrick!

Congratulations to Kathryn and Jacob! :D 

Backstage Shenanigans with Kathryn and Legacy


Happy 24th Birthday Kathryn Mccormick! She’s such an inspiration to me and to many other people out there and one of the most beautiful, talented, humble and passionate people I know and a MAGNIFICENT dancer. Here’s a little video I made hope you guys like it :D

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Happy Birthday to this inspiring, wonderful young woman. Kathryn Mccormick <